What is the difference between JPG,PNG and SVG?

JPG(Joint Photographic Experts Group)


  • Widespread use
  • Quick loading time
  • Full color spectrum


  • Lossy compression
  • Doesn’s support transparencies and animations
  • No layers

PNG(Portable Network Graphics)


  • Lossless compressions
  • Supports (semi)-transparency and alpha channel
  • Full color spectrum


  • Not suitable for print
  • Requires more memory space
  • Animations are not possible

SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)

  • SVG can be created in any text editor or code editor.
  • SVG can be designed & exported from drawing software.
  • SVG can be rendered into any size.
  • SVG are very sharp,they are not pixelated.
  • SVG are small and easy to render (When Simple).
  • SVG works only with 2 dimensional images.
  • SVG is not ideal for very detailed images.